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The resort

Goodwin, Sarah (Author of suspense fiction)2023
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Mila is on her way to sister's wedding at a beautiful mountaintop retreat with her husband Ethan. But when their directions send them down a narrow, steep road, Mila begins to think something is wrong. Then the car engine stops and won't start again. Stranded in the snowy mountains and with night closing in, they make their way back down the road to where they saw a sign to turn off to an abandoned ski resort, with windows boarded up and the eerie sense they shouldn't be there. With few choices left, they break into an old cabin to spend the night out of the cold. In the morning when Mila wakes, Ethan is gone. She is all alone. Or is she?
Main title:
The resort / Sarah Goodwin.
London : Avon, 2023.
373 pages ; 20 cm
9780008591540 (pbk)
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