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Thumbnail for A gypsy in Auschwitz : how I survived the horrors of the 'forgotten Holocaust'

A gypsy in Auschwitz : how I survived the horrors of the 'forgotten Holocaust'

Rosenberg, Otto, 1927-2022
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Otto Rosenberg is 9 and living in Berlin, poor but happy, when his family are first detained. All around them, Sinti and Roma families are being torn from their homes by Nazis , leaving behind schools, jobs, friends, and businesses to live in forced encampments outside the city. One by one, families are broken up, adults and children disappear or are 'sent East'.Otto arrives in Auschwitz aged 16 and is later transferred to Buechenwald and Bergen-Belsen. He works, scrounges food whenever he can, witnesses and suffers horrific violence and is driven close to death by illness more than once. Unbelievably, he also joins an armed revolt of prisoners who, facing the SS and certain death, refuse to back down. Somehow, through luck, sheer human will to live, or both, he survives. The stories of Sinti and Roma suffering in Nazi Germany are all too often lost or untold.
London : Monoray, 2022.
224 pages ; 20 cm
9781800961128 (pbk)
Dewey class:
940.5318092940.531809 ROS940.531809B ROS940.5318092.ROS
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