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Murder in the basement

Berkeley, Anthony, 1893-19712021
Books, Manuscripts
When two newlyweds move into their new home, only to discover that a corpse has been buried in their basement a few months prior, a gruelling case is begun to trace the identity of the victim. With all avenues of investigation approaching exhaustion, a tenuous lead offers a chance for Chief Inspector Moresby, and leads him to the amateur criminlogist Roger Sheringham, who has recently been providing cover work in a school south of London. Desperate for evidence of any kind on the basement case, Moresby begins to sift through the manuscript of a satirical novel Sheringham had been writing about his colleagues at the school, convinced that amongst the colourful cast of teachers hides the victim - and perhaps their murderer.
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Murder in the basement / Anthony Berkeley.
London : British Library Publishing, 2021.
224 pages ; 19 cm.
9780712353946 (pbk)
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