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A socialist defector : from Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee

Grossman, Victor, 1928-2019
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'A Socialist Defector' is the story, told in rare, personal detail, of an activist and writer who grew up in the U.S. free-market economy; spent 38 years in the GDR's nationally owned, centrally administered economy; and continues to survive, given whatever the market can bear in today's united Germany. Having been a freelance journalist and travelling lecturer - and the only person in the world to hold diplomas from both Harvard and the Karl Marx University - Grossman is able to offer insightful, often ironic, reflections and reminiscences, comparing the good and bad sides of life in all three of the societies he has known. His account focuses especially on the socialism he saw and lived - the GDR's goals and achievements, its repressive measures and stupidities - which, he argues, offers lessons now in our search for solutions to the grave problems facing our world.
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