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List view record 1: All that she carried : the journey of Ashley's sack, a Black family keepsakeList view anchor tag for record 1: All that she carried : the journey of Ashley's sack, a Black family keepsake
List view record 2: All the sinners bleedList view anchor tag for record 2: All the sinners bleed
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All the sinners bleed

Cosby, S. A.2024
Books, Manuscripts
Titus Crown is the first Black sheriff in the history of Charon County, Virginia. In recent decades, Charon has had only two murders. After years of working as an FBI agent, no one knows better than Titus that while his hometown might seem like a land of moonshine, cornbread, and honeysuckle, sec...
List view record 3: All you ever wantedList view anchor tag for record 3: All you ever wanted
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All you ever wanted

Elliot Wright, Susan2024
Large Print
You are inside. With your husband and baby. Your life warm and calm and untroubled. I am outside. Alone. Looking in. Watching you. You have all I ever wanted. Now it's time for you to share.
List view record 4: An American doctor in IrelandList view anchor tag for record 4: An American doctor in Ireland
List view record 5: Beatles and beaconsList view anchor tag for record 5: Beatles and beacons
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Beatles and beacons

Barrie, Frances R. (Frances Rochelle)2024
Books, Manuscripts
Once upon another time, about a million songs ago, there lived a musical group on a teenager's bedroom wall. These persons raided her queendom on an ordinary October day, through her dad's Bakelite wireless. The song they sang was a tuneful newness and she helped it touch number seventeen in a me...
List view record 6: Beneath dark watersList view anchor tag for record 6: Beneath dark waters
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Beneath dark waters

Rose, Karen, 1964-2024
Books, Manuscripts
Assistant District Attorney Kaj Cordozo's life is thrown upside down when two masked men attempt to kidnap his son, Elijah. Given the high-profile case Kaj is working on, he's not about to take any more risks. When Val Sorensen of Burke Broussard Private Investigation Agency is assigned as Elijah...
List view record 7: The blood of othersList view anchor tag for record 7: The blood of others
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The blood of others

Hurley, Graham, 1946-2024
Books, Manuscripts
Summer 1942. Abwehr intelligence officer Wilhelm Schultz is baiting a trap to lure thousands of Allied troops to their deaths. George Hogan is a devout young Canadian journalist who has caught the eye of press baron Lord Beaverbrook. Now he faces an assignment that will test his faith to breaking...
List view record 8: A body in the borderlandsList view anchor tag for record 8: A body in the borderlands
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A body in the borderlands

Cox, Helen (Novelist)2024
Books, Manuscripts
Former investment banker Joe Golding is the newest member of the Hartley and Edwards Investigations team. And he's thrilled to be shadowing Kitt Hartley, librarian-turned-top sleuth, and her right-hand woman Grace Edwards; even if it means adjusting to the low-level madness that seems to reign in...
List view record 9: The book-lovers' retreatList view anchor tag for record 9: The book-lovers' retreat
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The book-lovers' retreat

Swain, Heidi2024
Large Print
'The Book-Lovers' Retreat,' set in the Lake District, tells the story of three friends who spend the whole summer in a hideaway cottage, the real-life setting of their favourite book. As the summer develops, so will their friendship, they will find love in all its forms and, as a result, their li...
List view record 10: The Borrowdale bodyList view anchor tag for record 10: The Borrowdale body
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The Borrowdale body

Tope, Rebecca2024
Books, Manuscripts
Two days before a special auction at a large house in Borrowdale, Christopher Henderson meets up with Jennifer Reade, the only known heir to the entire estate, and the expected recipient of the proceeds of the auction. She discovers a dead man in the cellar but threatens and cajoles Christopher i...
List view record 11: BrideList view anchor tag for record 11: Bride
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Hazelwood, Ali2024
Books, Manuscripts
Misery Lark, the only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman of the Southwest, is an outcast - again. Her days of living in anonymity among the Humans are over: she has been called upon to uphold a historic peacekeeping alliance between the Vampyres and their mortal enemies, the Weres, ...
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List view record 12: Charles III : new King, new court : the inside storyList view anchor tag for record 12: Charles III : new King, new court : the inside story
List view record 13: Cinderella in the spotlightList view anchor tag for record 13: Cinderella in the spotlight
List view record 14: The climate bookList view anchor tag for record 14: The climate book
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The climate book

Books, Manuscripts
It seems like an impossible task: secure a safe future for life on Earth, at a scale and speed that the world has never seen, in the face of vast and powerful forces - not just oil tycoons and governments, but the changing climate system itself. The odds are against us, and we are running out of ...
List view record 15: A complicated matterList view anchor tag for record 15: A complicated matter
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A complicated matter

Youngson, Anne2024
Books, Manuscripts
1939, London: From McPhail's Passage to Kensington's Grand Palace Hotel, Rose Dunbar is evacuated from her humble home on the Rock of Gibraltar and dropped into a chaotic city of falling bombs, perplexing class rules and bad weather. Despite being 'flagrantly foreign' to the locals, she becomes a...
List view record 16: CrosshairsList view anchor tag for record 16: Crosshairs
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Patterson, James, 1947-2024
Books, Manuscripts
In New York City, a sniper dubbed 'The Longshot Killer' is taking out impossible targets. Nothing links the victims - except the brutal circumstances of their deaths. Detective Michael Bennett quickly develops a profile of the killer. Great with a gun. Probably ex-military. A profile that his new...
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List view record 17: CuddyList view anchor tag for record 17: Cuddy
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Myers, Benjamin, 1976-2024
Books, Manuscripts
Travelling through the wilderness, a young woman has visions of a cathedral on a hill. The downtrodden wife of an archer seeks the truth in stone walls, in meadows full of garlic flowers. A group of soldiers sit out their last hours before their death under a vaulted ceiling. The professor receiv...
List view record 18: Dead heatList view anchor tag for record 18: Dead heat
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Dead heat

Keane, Jessie2024
Books, Manuscripts
Christie Doyle is living the dream: she has a beautiful mansion on the South Downs with an infinity pool and stables, and her husband, Kenny, spoils her rotten. It's her birthday and she is the centre of the most amazing party. And then the bombshell drops. Kenny confesses to an affair and asks f...
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List view record 19: A death in the parishList view anchor tag for record 19: A death in the parish
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A death in the parish

Coles, Richard, 1962-2024
Books, Manuscripts
It's been a few months since murder tore apart the community of Champton apart. As Canon Daniel Clement tries to steady his flock, the parish is joined with Upper and Lower Badsaddle, bringing a new tide of unwanted change. But church politics soon become the least of Daniel's problems. His mothe...
List view record 20: Death of a traitorList view anchor tag for record 20: Death of a traitor
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Death of a traitor

Beaton, M. C.2024
Books, Manuscripts
Should a child or a vulnerable person vanish, it's an urgent matter that needs to be treated seriously, but in Macbeth's experience, most other people who go missing tend to turn up again before long. So when Kate Hibbert disappears after having last been seen struggling along the road with a hea...
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